[darcs-users] Darcs segfault

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+tools at mega-nerd.com
Wed May 18 09:36:55 UTC 2011

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

> Petr Rockai wrote:
> > It would be great if you could do the same kind of test with darcs 2.5
> > (i.e. copy a darcs-2.5-created index over to a BE platform). The index
> > is supposed to be byte-order neutral (it should use LE everywhere on all
> > platforms). But bugs may have crept in, since I don't own a BE machine
> > to test. (Bugs almost certainly meaning a missing xlate somewhere.)
> Thanks for looking at this Petr. I'll redo the test with the latest darcs
> some time between now and Monday.


I compiled darcs-2.5.2 with out a problem on linux-x86_64, but on
linux-powerpc, one of the tests failed, With the output below.

Should I disable that test and continue?


Running issue1857-pristine-conversion.sh ...     failed.
Probable reason :
## I would use the builtin !, but that has the wrong semantics.
not () { "$@" && exit 1 || :; }

# trick: OS-detection (if needed)
abort_windows () {
if echo $OS | grep -i windows; then
  echo This test does not work on Windows
  exit 200

pwd() {
    ghc --make "$TESTS_WD/hspwd.hs" > /dev/null

# switch locale to latin9 if supported if there's a locale command, skip test
# otherwise
switch_to_latin9_locale () {
    if ! which locale ; then
        echo "no locale command"
        exit 200 # skip test

    latin9_locale=`locale -a | grep @euro | head -n 1` || exit 200
    test -n "$latin9_locale" || exit 200

    echo "Using locale $latin9_locale"
    export LC_ALL=$latin9_locale
    echo "character encoding is now `locale charmap`"
rm -rf minimal-darcs-2.4
+ rm -rf minimal-darcs-2.4
tar zxf ../tests/repos/minimal-darcs-2.4.tgz
+ tar zxf ../tests/repos/minimal-darcs-2.4.tgz

cd minimal-darcs-2.4
+ cd minimal-darcs-2.4
darcs check
+ darcs check
The repository is consistent!
darcs setpref test false
+ darcs setpref test false

darcs failed:  Offset mismatch at 50331704 (ends at 0)
Changing value of test from '' to 'false'

Erik de Castro Lopo

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