[darcs-users] ssh issues (and Windows too)

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Tue Jan 3 11:55:14 UTC 2012

Eric Kow wrote:
> Just dumping some notes from some recent work on the Darcs SSH code.

Thanks for this!

> UI improvements and documentation :
> 3. the one minute Windows/SSH guide - for now http://wiki.darcs.net/Windows

Nice, thanks.

On the wiki page:
> 4. Always use `login at server.com` instead of `server.com`

Well that works. But for people who really use darcs/PuTTY on
Windows, I think standard practice is to use the name of
a PuTTY "Saved Session" that contains both a host and a
user name.

The important point is, as you say, to ensure that all
required information is specified up front. That way,
all communication through PuTTY is directly with the
remote darcs process and not with PuTTY itself.

> Comments? Laterally-thought solutions [like I wonder
> if changing PuTTY would be feasible

I doubt it.

> or getting people to use something else

AFAIK the only other reasonable option is
something like cygwin, but you can't require
that of a typical user.

The only real solution is to get a GUI like
TortoiseDarcs working again. That is the kind
of interface expected by Windows users, and
that's what they typically use for any other
popular VCS.


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