[darcs-users] darcs push over ssh and stdout conflicts

micah leuba praxiscnc at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 01:58:17 UTC 2012


I've noticed that remote bashrc files with echo (or likely any output)
statements interfere with the 'darcs push' command.  The command exits
with the following message:

 "darcs failed:  Not a repository: user at remote:/home/user/html ((scp)
failed to fetch: user at remote:/home/mica/user/_darcs/inventory."

Specifically, if you run 'darcs push' with the '--debug' flag, you can
see the remote's echo statements in the debug output.  Removing the
echo statements fixes the problem.

This is probably similar to some of the issues mentioned here (notably
the windows login/putty):

I just thought i would add my experience.

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