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Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Fri Mar 30 16:16:28 UTC 2012

Darcs could use a mission statement. Short, simple, snappy.

Not a slogan, something that says in a nutshell what we are *trying* to do, so not what we have, but what we want.

Three reasons:

1. External: it helps people understand what is about, and whether the project matters to them.
2. External/Internal interface: I need a thing to help explain darcs in a sentence. “So, what's this darcs thing you're working on” (I usually sputter or go long-winded).  Could matter for funding too.
3. Internal: it's a focusing tool, something that shapes discussions along by giving a constant background reminder what we're trying to do in the first place.

Short, simple, snappy. 
Clarity, not synergy.

Some ideas so far (from the IRC channel)

* To build an easy to use version control system based on a theory of patches
* From an algebra of patches to usable version control
* Towards an algebra of patches for usable version control
* Multi-user quilt
* From patch algebra to easy version control

Talking about theory of patches or patch algebra double-edged.  Great for internal, maybe hard for external? I think it's important to stand on the two legs (theory, ease of use); better yet to be able to link the two.

Ideas? Can you pull it off?



Eric Kow <http://erickow.com>

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