[darcs-users] darcs middleweight branching (aka in-repo branches)

Michael Hendricks michael at ndrix.org
Fri Mar 30 21:40:28 UTC 2012

Spontaneous branches are one of my favorite Darcs features: flyweight
branching, if you will.  Of course, Darcs also supports heavyweight
branching by creating a new repository with "darcs get".  I've often wanted
middleweight branching or "cheap in-repo local branches" (as issue555 calls
them).  This has been a request since 2007.

I've hacked together a quick and dirty prototype to get a feel for the UX.
 I'll attach the script to issue555 shortly for anyone that wants to try at
home.  Here's a walkthrough of how it behaves.  The goal of the walkthrough
is to make a local repository with branches for Darcs' reviewed and
screened repos and a third branch for my personal patches.

$ darcs get --lazy http://darcs.net/reviewed darcs
$ cd darcs
$ darcs-branch  # w/o arguments, lists current branches
* master
$ darcs-branch reviewed  # declares that I want to be on a branch named
reviewed. creates one if needed
$ darcs-branch delete-me # junk branch for later
$ darcs-branch screened
$ darcs-branch
* screened
$ darcs pull -a http://darcs.net/screened  # pull screened patches into my
screened branch
$ darcs-branch master
$ darcs pull -a http://darcs.net/screened # I want screened patches in my
personal branch too
$ darcs-branch
* master
$ echo my change nobody else wants > foo
$ darcs record -alm 'sample change'
Finished recording patch 'sample change'
$ darcs changes -p 'sample change'
Fri Mar 30 15:28:18 MDT 2012  Michael Hendricks <michael at ndrix.org>
  * sample change
$ darcs-branch reviewed  # switches to the branch I created earlier
$ darcs changes -p 'sample change'  # finds no patch. it's not in this
$ darcs-branch --remove delete-me
$ darcs-branch
* reviewed

It could use lots of polish, but how do others feel about the declarative

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