[darcs-users] Fwd: Darcs Problems

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Mar 2 05:10:24 UTC 2013

Ganesh Sittampalam writes:
 > On 28/02/2013 15:14, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
 > > Indeed, I find it surprising that Darcs has no equivalent to "bzr
 > > missing" or "hg incoming/outgoing".  (git rev-list would be overkill
 > > for Darcs!)
 > Do darcs pull/push --dry-run -a fulfill this purpose?

Yes, in great part.  But note that both bzr missing and hg outgoing
accept log-like options such as -p (show patch), so you can get a lot
more information than just the identity of the commits.  AFAIK pull
dry-run only gives patch identities.

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