[darcs-users] make `darcs changes` interactive by default?

Gian Piero Carrubba gpiero at rm-rf.it
Tue Oct 22 06:46:51 UTC 2013

* [Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 11:10:23AM -0700] Simon Michael:
>>Any thoughts about interactive changes by default?
>I've been living with it for several months, and I'm not a huge fan.

Neither I am a huge fan, but I'm getting used and would probably leave 
it interactive. There are anyway some things that still puzzle me.

'log' isn't a real command, so i.e. I cannot type `darcs l`. I've just 
discovered that `darcs --commands` does not output 'log', so I cannot 
understand how bash can complete it, but at least bash completion works 
so that's it. Nevertheless, I would still prefer if `darcs l` worked.

I'm still not really used to changes being interactive, so I often end 
up typing `changes -v`. This is annoying, especially when used with a 
selector (like '--last 1'): displays the patch then asks me if I want to 
see the patch and waits for an answer (and sometimes I don't 
see/remember about the prompt and let it waiting just to wonder some 
time after why I still have a darcs command running). I don't see why it 
should prompt the user when passed the '-v' option (but it probably 
should use a pager, see the next point).

More in general, I don't like how both log and changes display the 
results. I think it has been discussed previously, but don't know what 
was the general orientation. IMHO, both commands should feed the output 
to a pager if STDOUT points to a terminal and the output is longer than 
the number of lines of the terminal (+/- a number of "courtesy lines") 
or longer than 20 lines if the terminal's height cannot be determined 
Some examples:
`darcs log` -> maybePager
`log=$( darcs log )` -> STDOUT
`darcs changes` | prompting the user -> STDOUT
                 | displaying the patch -> maybePager
`darcs log | less` -> STDOUT (then fed to the pipe by the shell)

Gian Piero.

[0] I think the code is already (almost/all ?) in place and used i.e.  
when given the '--help' argument.

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