[darcs-users] [darcs-devel] release 2.10 process

Guillaume Hoffmann guillaumh at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 19:21:50 UTC 2015

> Could you give me advice how to make accepting (and screening, too, for that
> matter) a bit more automatic? Currently I push them (e.g. to darcs-
> unstable at darcs.net:screened), then go to the tracker and change the status,
> which is a bit error prone IMO.

This is actually how I do. I'm not sure it can be automatized always
since sometimes you want followup patches added to the same patch
ticket, even when all or some of its patches have already been pushed.

>> Here is the list of open bugs for 2.10:   http://tinyurl.com/nay7jq4
> I added the latest problem I detected with darcs convert export to the 2.10
> milestone, as this could cause serious trouble...

I'm going to have a look, thank you for this :)


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