[darcs-users] darcs and redmine

Axel Hellinger axel at hellinger.legal
Mon Oct 15 18:49:26 UTC 2018

> If I understand that issue correctly, darcs changed in some way in darcs
> 2.5 and broke the redmine support. 

So I am.

In Chiliproject they changed to lucy ubuntu and the Travis CI could run
without mistake.

But on centos 7 with redmine 3.4 and darcs 2.8 i didnt succeed.

I get a 404 repository not found on redmine and on the shell the error
shows "darcs failed:  unrecognized option `--xml-output'"

Unfortunately I am not a programmer, so pretty helpless in this situation.


I couldn't understand from the
> indirectly linked tickets (http://www.redmine.org/issues/13472#note-1
> and https://www.chiliproject.org/issues/1142) exactly what the problems
> were, but a bunch of stuff has changed over time so it's not that
> surprising especially if they were looking at repository internals at all.
> At this point I think the support would need to be resurrected and then
> contributed as a patch to re-enable it. I'm happy to help with
> understanding how to make darcs do something if someone else wants to
> pick it up.
> Cheers,
> Ganesh
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