[darcs-users] Make darcs force-commute patches from CLI, to learn about darcs?

James Cook jcook at cs.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 29 01:54:45 UTC 2020

> That said, you should be advised that both patch theory implementations
> ("formats") currently in use, namely darcs-1 and darcs-2, have bugs. In
> practice that means you may not be able to do such a separation for
> complicated conflict scenarios, though I think if it succeeds then the
> resulting repos should be equivalent. We have implemented a new one,
> darcs-3, which closely follows the camp paper and does not have any of
> these bugs. But that is not yet released. You can play with it using our
> development version at http://darcs.net/screened, but please don't use
> it for serious work, because the on-disk format may still change.

I'm glad to hear about darcs-3. I was worried work on implementing
Camp had stopped completely.

Is testing helpful at this point? I could try cloning and converting
my repos to darcs-3.

> I'd be interested to hear more about your patch theory.

Unsurprisingly, I'm learning about all sorts of interesting pitfalls
while trying to make it concrete.

I still might manage to make something worth sharing, though.


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