[devops-bootcamp] First Lesson 11/7

Emily Dunham dunhame at onid.orst.edu
Fri Oct 25 00:42:51 UTC 2013

Good afternoon DevOps,

The recurring meeting time that works for a majority of the group turns out
to be Thursdays from 6-8pm. The first lesson was supposed to be during week
5 of term, but Thursday of week 5 is Halloween, so we're not going to ask
you to set aside your plans for that evening.

Your homework, if you have time for it, is to get either a dual boot
partition of Linux or a Linux virtual machine on your laptop to bring to
the first meeting. If you run into trouble, don't worry -- Lance will have
a tutorial on how to use Vagrant and VirtualBox as part of the first

In the meantime, drop by LUG's week 5 meeting (tuesday 6pm KEC1007)  if
you'd like to get a head start learning about Git. You're also welcome to
join the LUG for our weekly Friday lunch gatherings around 1pm at Arnold
Dining Center.

Your best resource for keeping up to date with when DevOps Bootcamp
meetings will be is our website, devopsbootcamp.osuosl.org. The note at the
top of the front page will be kept up to date with meeting times, topics,
and locations.

Emily Dunham
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