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Lucy Wyman lucyw at osuosl.org
Tue Dec 30 20:38:46 UTC 2014

Hello, DevOps BootCampers!

Looking to write some code in your last week of break?  Here are some sites
we think are awesome!

If you're looking for a bite-sized coding challenge, check out
If you're interested in bioinformatics and programming, try
Looking to get started learning a new language?
http://www.codecademy.com/learn is one of our favorite websites for doing
just that!
Interested in contributing to an open source project?
http://24pullrequests.com/projects  has a list of great open source
projects that are looking for some help.

We would also like to let everyone know that we will be having review
sessions and coding challenges for the first three weeks of Winter term,
including Martin Luther King Jr. day.  This is the perfect time to come get
caught up on anything you missed, ask us questions (even if they aren't
related to BootCamp!), test your coding skills, or bring a friend so we can
get them set up!

We look forward to seeing you Winter term, and hope you have a Happy New

Lucy Wyman
Front-end Engineer
OSU Open Source Lab
lucyw at osuosl.org
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