[devops-bootcamp] Guest speaker this Monday!

Lucy Wyman lucyw at osuosl.org
Sat Jan 31 02:17:10 UTC 2015

Hello DevOps BootCampers!
*Kees Cook*, a security engineer working on Chrome OS, will be giving a
talk on SSL and other security topics this coming *Monday, February 2 at
7pm in KEC 1001*.

If you aren't sure what SSL is <http://info.ssl.com/article.aspx?id=10241>,
or want to learn some basics of security before coming, we recommend you
check out our lesson on security.
<http://slides.osuosl.org/devopsbootcamp/08_security_auth.html#1>  If you
aren't able to make it, but still want to check it out, we will be hosting
the talk on Google hangouts as well as posting it later.  Links to both of
those will be available in #osu-lug and #devopsbootcamp shortly before and
after the talk.  It's going to be an awesome talk -- we hope to see you

Lucy Wyman
Front-end Engineer
OSU Open Source Lab
lucyw at osuosl.org
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