[devops-bootcamp] DevOps Spring Term

Wyman, Lucy Carson wymanl at oregonstate.edu
Wed Mar 30 17:21:59 UTC 2016

Hello DevOps BootCampers,

Due to low local attendance and a high volume of non-OSU-affiliated
inquiries we plan to spend this spring term improving our online presence
and curriculum.
*If you have any suggestions or questions please email the mailing list at
devops-bootcamp at osuosl.org <devops-bootcamp at osuosl.org>, find us in
#devopsbootcamp on irc, or submit an issue on github
<https://github.com/devopsbootcamp/website/issues>.  *

If you're looking for more DevOps-like opportunities, there are a few
places to get your fix this Spring:

* The Linux Users Group <http://lug.oregonstate.edu> meets Tuesdays at 6pm
in KEC 1007, and is a great place to learn more about Linux and Open Source
* Beaver BarCamp <http://beaverbarcamp.org> is happening *Saturday April
16, 2016 from 9am - 6pm* with breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided.  Click
the link for more information.
* OSU App Club <http://osuapp.club/> not sure when they meet, but they have
do cool things and have a spiffy website

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or
concerns through the contact channels mentioned above. We hope to see some
of you at DevOps DayCamp next year!

Lucy Wyman
wymanl at oregonstate.edu
lucyw at osuosl.org
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