[gsoc-dev] Welcome to GSoC 2010

Peter Krenesky peter at osuosl.org
Tue Apr 27 15:52:55 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

Congratulations on being accepted to GSoC 2010 and welcome to the team!

== introductions ==
Here are the other students participating

Bartosz Wroblewski - Pydra, fixing mapreduce and implementing NoSQL
Brian Martin - Pydra, cloud provisioning support,  task statistics
Harikrishnan R - Pydra, FunctionTask (running arbitrary functions on the
Tower Joo - Touchscreen menuing system and plugins

== communication ==
Communication is vital for GSoC.  We expect you to keep in touch at
_minimum_ once per week, though you'll have a higher chance of success
if you regularly engage other people working on the same project. 
Together we will help you succeed, so don't hesitate to ask!

We primarily use IRC for communication.  Most of us use screen & irssi
[1] to maintain a presence on IRC even when we are not at a keyboard. 
You're free to use whatever client you wish, but I highly recommend this.

We have a staff only channel (#osuosl-staff) that you are welcome to
join for the duration of the program.  Contact gchaix or jeff_s for access.

We also have this mailling list (gsoc-dev at osuosl.org) to reach our our
fulltime staff and gsoc participants.

== resources ==
    We have a shell server if you would like a place to host a screen &
irssi session.
    If you need a virtual server for testing, we can create one on our
    Any other resources, let us know.   We'll do what we can to help you

I look forward to a great summer working with you all.


[1] Guide to irssi & screen -

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