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pranjal mittal mittal.pranjal at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 06:19:53 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

During my last week of experimentation with Ganeti Cluster Visualization
strategies I worked with an additional Javascript library and improved
Visualization strategies for Ganeti Cluster Visualization for which I sent
a mail previously. [1]
The latest code for the same is up on my github. [2]

Now as I begin to look back on its integration with GWM I have a small
Here is a new set of JS files essential for the project.

Since most of these files are more specific to this application rather than
to the other parts of GWM, so I was thinking  if it would be a better idea
to place them in a new directory inside* static/js* to keep things more
clean (there are many files)?

Like say-

[1] http://pramttl.github.io/
[2] https://github.com/pramttl/ganetiviz-cytoscape

For a convenient reference, I will refer to this Ganeti Cluster
Visualization project by the handle: *ganetiviz*.

Best Regards,
Pranjal Mittal
B.Tech.  2014
Indian Institute of Technology,BHU
Varanasi, U.P,
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