[gsoc-dev] Bi-weekly report: weeks 3 & 4

Piotr Banaszkiewicz piotr at banaszkiewicz.org
Mon Jul 8 21:49:38 UTC 2013

As I previously said, I had exams in last two weeks. This is hopefully
the only biweekly report during this GSOC :)

Quick summary of what I accomplished:
* I have almost passing testsuite (one error, not failure, remaining)
* migrations work
* refactoring is done, but not yet reviewed nor extensively tested

I hope to get these items done soon (-ish? Maybe next two weeks):
* get my code reviewed and merged
* work on GWM dependencies, which includes:
  * documentation (on ReadTheDocs)
  * test coverage
  * PyPI availability
  * and maybe a couple of others, like continuous integration

Nice blog post about this refactoring work:

Small documentation note about migration stuff I've worked on recently:

Kindest regards,
- Piotr

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