[gsoc-dev] FTP Mirror syncing architecture: Questions and suggestions

Pranjal Mittal mittal.pranjal at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 23:28:24 UTC 2014

Hi Lance,

[cc: gsoc-dev, Great if anyone can help.]

*Have some questions (Q)  & suggestions (S)*

(Q) For every project that we add to the master we are creating a new unix
user for that project same as the project name? How is this helpful to us?

(Q) What does the *trigger-$project script *do? I remember that we use
trigger-set to set a trigger on master so that slaves can notice and
initiate a pull-sync, but what does trigger-$project do? Is it used to
manually tell slaves to pull from master?

(S) I think we might want to avoid doing so many steps [2] to add a project
on the master. These steps could be wrapped into a single command through a
bash script.

It would be convenient to have to specify a project_name, source_location /
path, authorized_ssh keys, etc just once while adding a project.

(S) An interactive web form could be another convenient way to add projects?

(Q) What are the awstats [1] about and how are they being collected? Most
of the numbers I see are fixed at 0. Are we collecting these stats yet?

[1] https://awstats.osuosl.org/list/2007
[2] http://pastebin.osuosl.org/6186/

Looking foward to answers/comments!


King Regards,
- Pranjal

IRC: pmittal
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