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Rajat Kumar rajatk at outlook.in
Sun Mar 8 01:11:30 UTC 2015

Hi, my name is Rajat Kumar Singh, I am at third year of engineering in computer science at India.My github: https://github.com/rajats

I am interested in contributing to your organisation.I have gone through your ideas and I found what's Fresh version 2.0 interestingas I am currently working with django framework and api.
Also, I want to know what is the scope of my own project idea and in what way it should be related to your organisation.
I've been doing django web development since 1 year, i have developed basic blog, a e-commerce like website where
college students can buy or sell their college related things (https://github.com/rajats/easy-buy-sell-college-things-web-app).
Its not yet completed,a small part is remaining.
My skills include bootstrap,django,processing,c/c++ programming,python programming,android.
Apart from this i do free online courses(coursera,edx) whenever i get time.I've learnt python, processing
from these cousrses. 		 	   		  
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