[Intel-wired-lan] IGB driver load resets NC-SI interface on Rangeley C2000

Owen Wells owen.wells at adiengineering.com
Wed Dec 2 14:57:59 UTC 2015



I was referred to this email address by Juan Nuñez Quesada, the application
support engineer assigned to our IPS case. 


We have a BMC connected to Rangeley (Atom C2000) via the NC-SI interface. We
are able to get to the LAN to/from the BMC, so that works. The issue is that
while Linux is booting, the IGB driver loads and resets the NC-SI interface,
causing us to lose connection with the BMC. We can reconnect after the
reset, but that is not acceptable to the customer
. They need a solid


We would like to understand how and why the IGB driver is resetting the
NC-SI interface. That technically should not happen
 the NC-SI interface
should be up at all times so that the BMC can stay on the network even when
Rangeley is shut down.


As an experiment, I did try modifying some EEPROM settings to prevent the
IGB driver from resetting the interface. Specifically, I cleared bit 0 of
the Initialization Control 4 word in the EEPROM (LAN base address + Offset
0x13) to disable software reset. This does not appear to have an effect.


Please assist. Thanks!



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