[Intel-wired-lan] [PATCH v6] i40e: Look up MAC address in Open Firmware or IDPROM

Sowmini Varadhan sowmini.varadhan at oracle.com
Thu Dec 3 16:58:50 UTC 2015

On (12/03/15 16:53), Bowers, AndrewX wrote:

> I get an error -11 on driver init with this patch applied, I can
> revert it and everything works normally. Dmesg screenshot is attached,
> can supply complete dmesg log if needed.

Yes, that's the same thing that I'm running into as well. 
Using this patch makes this work. But this adds some ugly
ifdef's, and other methods should be explored.

--- a/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/i40e/i40e_main.c
+++ b/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/i40e/i40e_main.c
@@ -9102,9 +9102,11 @@ struct i40e_vsi *i40e_vsi_setup(struct i40e_pf *pf, u8 ty
                ret = i40e_config_netdev(vsi);
                if (ret)
                        goto err_netdev;
+#if defined(CONFIG_SPARC) || defined(CONFIG_OF)
                ret = i40e_macaddr_init(vsi, pf->hw.mac.addr);
                if (ret)
                        goto err_netdev;
                ret = register_netdev(vsi->netdev);
                if (ret)
                        goto err_netdev;

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