[Intel-wired-lan] Latest dev-queue pull has i40e VFs reporting "Device still in reset"

Alexander Duyck alexander.duyck at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 18:26:08 UTC 2016

Well what I am seeing seems to be an intermittent issue, though I am
having no problem spawning 7 VFs which is my default environment.

My setup is just loading the PF driver, enabling SR-IOV, reloading the
VF driver, and bringing up the PFs and VFs in separate namespaces.
Sometimes it is working without any errors, but the majority of the
time I am seeing the messages about "Device is still in reset"
repeating and eventually scrolling of the screen.

I'm not completely sure if my firmware is current.  Output from
"ethtool -i" is included below just in case this might be a firmware
thing and I need to update:
driver: i40e
version: 1.5.1-k
firmware-version: 4.26 0x8000152d 0.0.0
bus-info: 0000:02:00.0
supports-statistics: yes
supports-test: yes
supports-eeprom-access: yes
supports-register-dump: yes
supports-priv-flags: yes

- Alex

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 11:12 AM, Bowers, AndrewX
<andrewx.bowers at intel.com> wrote:
> I'm not seeing the reset, but I get a permission denied error trying to echo 4 to /sys/class/net/[device]/device/sriov_numvfs and an ls of the directory shows no sriov_numvfs file present... I can do it with my ixgbe device, but not my i40e device.  I went back to a few different kernels from earlier this week, last week, and the week before with the same results. Since I know it WAS working earlier, I tried the stock kernel and get "no such file or directory"... I'm thinking it's an issue with my card, although I wonder if yours is related. I'll try a few things with mine and see if I get anywhere.
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>> "Device still in reset"
>> So my system with the latest pull of the dev-queue branch is stuck reporting
>> "Device is still in reset (-16), retrying" for one or more VFs after I reload the
>> drivers.  I've been trying to bisect the issue but haven't been having much
>> luck.
>> Just wanted to see if anyone in Intel was aware of the issue, otherwise I will
>> probably re-run my bisection with a full system reset between patches as I
>> suspect I may be having issues reproducing it due to stray data being left in
>> from earlier driver loads.
>> - Alex
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