[Intel-wired-lan] Panic on next-queue i40e when rebooting

Wyborny, Carolyn carolyn.wyborny at intel.com
Mon May 16 18:23:49 UTC 2016

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> Subject: [Intel-wired-lan] Panic on next-queue i40e when rebooting
> I'm seeing the trace below every time I reboot after having run a
> performance test of some sort between the PF and VFs.  I didn't see it
> for a brief period, but it came back.
> I'm suspecting the issue is pseudo-intermittent but now i am seeing it
> more often then not.  This was captured on the latest next-queue pull
> as of this morning.
> Note I have a serial console running to this system and that is the
> only way I am able to see it.  If I use a screen the message is wiped
> before it can be seen due to the reboot.
Thanks Alex, we're looking at it.


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