[Intel-wired-lan] Bug with 'igb: Remove GS40G specific defines/functions'

Chris Arges carges at vectranetworks.com
Wed Oct 12 21:18:33 UTC 2016

On 10/12/16, 3:46 PM, "Aaron Sierra" <asierra at xes-inc.com> wrote:

    > I’m not sure exactly which part I need to comment out to verify in
    > ‘igb_init_phy_params_82575()’.
    > Is there a fix already planned for this? Any additional information I can
    > provide?
    Did you follow any of the "Next message" links? There is more to the
    discussion than that first page that I linked to.
    In that discussion we determined that the PHY was somehow setup with a
    non-zero register page setting. That was treated as a BIOS bug rather
    than a driver bug.
    If you're having the same problem, then it could be possible to explicitly
    set the default page to zero, but I'm not sure where that _should_ be done
    or if that is generally the correct/safe thing to do.
Ah sorry about that, I thought you were referring just to that particular post.
I’ll forward this along to the BIOS vendor.

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