[Intel-wired-lan] i40e MDD events

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>>> Subject: [Intel-wired-lan] i40e MDD events
>>> Hi, I'm from Canonical support, and I have reports from an Ubuntu user
>>> seeing MDD events occurring on a i40e nic, from the PF (not a VF)
>>> while using the Ubuntu 4.4 kernel.  I found two commits that I thought
>>> addressed this problem, but they did not help - the reporter still is
>>> seeing MDD events, which reset the PF for every MDD event.  The
>>> commits I thought fixed this, which have been added but still don't
>>> fix the MDD events, are:
>> Hello Dan,
>> What is the firmware version on the device?
> it's running 5.05
>>  ethtool -i output or dmesg log should provide it.  I believe the device needs a fw update.   They are available  on our download center here:  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24769
>> A fw update will usually require a driver update as well, but the fw version info from the user will help with this determination.
> I see you just added a new 6.01 fw a little over a month ago, is there
> a known fw problem related to this that 6.01 fixes?  I'll ask them to
> update anyway, to see if it helps.

unfortunately the updated firmware did not help; an MDD event happened
again after upgrading to 6.01.

> Can you answer my questions about specifically what events in the NIC
> will cause it to generate a MDD, and specifically what does MDD event
> "2" indicate?

It there any possibility to get more info about the MDD event details?
 Like what specifically the NIC didn't like?

>> Thanks,
>> Carolyn
>> Carolyn Wyborny
>> Linux Development
>> Networking Division
>> Intel Corporation

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