[Intel-wired-lan] [next PATCH S6 5/7] i40e: missing priorities for any QoS traffic

Bowers, AndrewX andrewx.bowers at intel.com
Fri May 31 18:00:09 UTC 2019

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> Subject: [Intel-wired-lan] [next PATCH S6 5/7] i40e: missing priorities for any
> QoS traffic
> From: Aleksandr Loktionov <aleksandr.loktionov at intel.com>
> This patch fixes reading f/w lldp agent status at dcb init time.
> It's done by removing direct nvm reading in i40e_update_dcb_config() and
> checking whether f/w lldp agent is disabled via
> I40E_FLAG_DISABLE_FW_LLDP flag in i40e_init_pf_dcb(). The function
> i40e_update_dcb_config() in i40e_main.c is a temporary solution which will
> be later renamed to i40e_init_dcb() in the i40e_dcb module. Also logging was
> extended to make visible if f/w lldp agent is running or not and always log a
> message when dcb was not initialized. Without this patch for new f/w
> versions f/w lldp agent status was always read from nvm as disabled and dcb
> initialization failed without clear reason in logs.
> Signed-off-by: Aleksandr Loktionov <aleksandr.loktionov at intel.com>
> ---
>  drivers/net/ethernet/intel/i40e/i40e_main.c | 57 +++++++++++++++++++--
>  1 file changed, 54 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

Tested-by: Andrew Bowers <andrewx.bowers at intel.com>

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