[Intel-wired-lan] How to "arm" WoL with OS running?

Billy Croan BCroan at unrealservers.net
Thu Feb 25 04:57:37 UTC 2021

I was reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wake-on-LAN and came across
this phrase: "not armed for WOL"

I have some OpenCompute hardware which uses the WoL signal from the intel
network chip to cause a reset/reboot.

this works when the system is in bios or in memtest86, but not when an OS
is loaded.  I suspect that the e1000e driver "disarms" WoL on load, and 're
arms' it when unloaded or when the OS shuts down or changes to a lower ACPI

Is there a technical reason any WoL can not be armed at the same time as OS
is using the nic?

I get that it serves no useful purpose of the os is already running, but
does it pose a problem?
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