[Intel-wired-lan] [PATCH v3 02/14] iavf: Use irq_update_affinity_hint

Jesse Brandeburg jesse.brandeburg at intel.com
Tue Jul 13 21:51:37 UTC 2021

On 7/13/2021 2:14 PM, Nitesh Narayan Lal wrote:
> The driver uses irq_set_affinity_hint() for two purposes:
> - To set the affinity_hint which is consumed by the userspace for
>    distributing the interrupts
> - To apply an affinity that it provides for the iavf interrupts
> The latter is done to ensure that all the interrupts are evenly spread
> across all available CPUs. However, since commit a0c9259dc4e1 ("irq/matrix:
> Spread interrupts on allocation") the spreading of interrupts is
> dynamically performed at the time of allocation. Hence, there is no need
> for the drivers to enforce their own affinity for the spreading of
> interrupts.
> Also, irq_set_affinity_hint() applying the provided cpumask as an affinity
> for the interrupt is an undocumented side effect. To remove this side
> effect irq_set_affinity_hint() has been marked as deprecated and new
> interfaces have been introduced. Hence, replace the irq_set_affinity_hint()
> with the new interface irq_update_affinity_hint() that only sets the
> pointer for the affinity_hint.
> Signed-off-by: Nitesh Narayan Lal <nitesh at redhat.com>

Thanks for this!

Acked-by: Jesse Brandeburg <jesse.brandeburg at intel.com>

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