[Intel-wired-lan] [PATCH v5 07/14] enic: Use irq_update_affinity_hint

Christian Benvenuti (benve) benve at cisco.com
Mon Aug 16 17:53:25 UTC 2021

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> Subject: [PATCH v5 07/14] enic: Use irq_update_affinity_hint
> The driver uses irq_set_affinity_hint() to update the affinity_hint mask that
> is consumed by the userspace to distribute the interrupts. However, under
> the hood irq_set_affinity_hint() also applies the provided cpumask (if not
> NULL) as the affinity for the given interrupt which is an undocumented side
> effect.
> To remove this side effect irq_set_affinity_hint() has been marked as
> deprecated and new interfaces have been introduced. Hence, replace the
> irq_set_affinity_hint() with the new interface irq_update_affinity_hint() that
> only updates the affinity_hint pointer.
> Signed-off-by: Nitesh Narayan Lal <nitesh at redhat.com>

Thanks Nitesh for the patch.

Reviewed-by: Christian Benvenuti <benve at cisco.com>

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