[Maintain-dev] [JIRA] Closed: (MNT-1381) Allow multiple failover peers

Frederic Wenzel fred at osuosl.org
Wed Apr 5 13:38:11 PDT 2006

Hey there,

I've read through the README file that was attached to the bug. Thanks
for all the work you put into Maintain 2.4.

Maintain 3 currently implements the various build operations quite
easily. An arbitrary number of servers can be fed with the same config file.

However, the flexible, new module system should be able to allow a
replacement build_dhcp module at a given time. That module could easily
enable a different server handling like your suggestion.


Greg Connor wrote:
>>      [ http://bugs.osuosl.org/browse/MNT-1381?page=history ]
>>> Allow multiple failover peers
>>> -----------------------------
>> Frederic Wenzel closed MNT-1381:
>> --------------------------------
>> MT3 allows an arbitrary number of servers now.
> Excellent... this is good news.
> Does anyone on maintain-dev happen to know if v.3.0 allows association
> between subnets and workgroups?  Is the switching for failover peers
> driven by workgroups similar to the submitted patch?
> I don't remember if I submitted a separate bug report for the
> workgroup-to-subnet relationship... if so there may have been an update to
> it that I missed.
> Thanks for all the hard work on 3.0, Frederic!

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