[Maintain-dev] Maintain SVN repositories

Frederic Wenzel fred at osuosl.org
Tue Jun 20 16:01:34 PDT 2006

Dear Maintain devs,

the main SVN repository was renamed today. It is now called
maintain-project instead of maintain2. You can either check it out
freshly or do the following to your existing working copy:

- go to your working copy's root dir (.../maintain2/, probably) and execute

svn switch --relocate https://svn.osuosl.org/public/maintain2

(in one line).

Afterwards, feel free to rename the folder "maintain2" the way you want.

Then, go to .../tags and remove the folder release-2.4.2-RC2
Do an "svn update" to get it back. It contained an old link to libglue
which I removed.

Eventually, remember to edit your maintain.cfg file so that your path
changes are in there, too. Same for virtual server/apache conf settings
as well as bash aliases.

That should be all.

Let me know if you have problems.

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