[Maintain-dev] Maintain modules repository

Frederic Wenzel fred at osuosl.org
Wed Jun 21 15:00:40 PDT 2006

Hey Maintain devs,

there is a new, dedicated svn repository for Maintain modules that are
not supposed to be part of the main Maintain tree and package.

It is called maintain-modules and can be accessed on
as usual.

I already made one module called "motd" which delivers a message of the
day to the login screen (not 100% done yet). The appropriate filter hook
was added to the login screen too. This module now takes care of
displaying the login information for our demo site at:


To develop modules in the modules repository, I recommend checking out
the modules repo to a separate directory and symlink the individual
module directories into the modules dir of your Maintain 3 working copy.
>From there, they can be enabled as usual, but they do not accidentally
become part of the Maintain tree.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Fred Wenzel

Maintain Team
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