[Maintain-dev] [JIRA] Commented: (MNT-79) Ability to create dynamic ranges of hosts

Kirsten Petersen (JIRA) jira at osuosl.org
Fri Sep 29 11:41:01 PDT 2006

     [ http://bugs.osuosl.org/browse/MNT-79?page=comments#action_11164 ]
Kirsten Petersen commented on MNT-79:

This is a feature that I would really like to see added.

What I would like is a way to flag a dynamic range as being a "registration" range or something to that effect, where any host is allowed to pull an IP, regardless of whether they are "known" or not.  I would think that many customers will want this.

On the Public Network right now, we use a separate dhcp server to hand out leases to "unknown" clients.  However, we actually control access from the Public Network via the Cisco Clean Access machine (formerly "Perfigo").  So, there is no reason really to force users to change their IP address based on whether or not they have registered in Maintain yet.

After reading the dhcpd.conf man page, it looks like this can be accomplished in the conf file by not entering any "allow" or "deny" lines.  I will test it out and make sure it behaves that way:

       If a pool has a permit list, then  only  those
       clients that match specific entries on the permit list will be eligible
       to be assigned addresses from the pool.   If a pool has  a  deny  list,
       then  only those clients that do not match any entries on the deny list
       will be eligible.    If both permit and deny lists exist  for  a  pool,
       then  only clients that match the permit list and do not match the deny
       list will be allowed access.

> Ability to create dynamic ranges of hosts
> -----------------------------------------
>          Key: MNT-79
>          URL: http://bugs.osuosl.org/browse/MNT-79
>      Project: Maintain
>         Type: New Feature
>     Versions: 2.4.0
>     Reporter: Brandon Philips
>     Assignee: Michael Clay
>     Priority: Urgent
>      Fix For: 3.0

> This was stemmed out of a conversation on IRC, originally brought up by a user outside OSU, and then discussed with Scott Kveton.
>        philips | kveton: The only way to add a dynamic DHCP range to Maintain is through the footers right?
>         kveton |  no
>         kveton |  you can do it in the interface
>         kveton |  the stuff in the footers is for the autoreg stuff
>        philips | kveton: Dynamic as in you don't have to register the MAC with Maintain at all
>         kveton |  oh
>         kveton |  hmm
>         kveton |  yeah, we'd have to add that as a feature request
>         kveton |  basically there is a DHCP option for subnets/workgroups
>         kveton |  that is like 'allow-unregistered clients' or something like that
>         kveton |  i'm pretty sure we don't have that included in maintain right now
>        philips | So if I added the allow-unregistered clients to the workgroup options list they could just create a workgroup with that and be good to go pretty much.
>         kveton |  possibly
>         kveton |  hmm
>  *       kveton thinks more about this
>          polvi |  how is the autoreg stuff done?
>         kveton |  hmm
>         kveton |  sorry for the flood:
>         kveton |  subnet netmask {
>         kveton |          option subnet-mask;
>         kveton |          option broadcast-address;
>         kveton |          option time-offset 28800;
>         kveton |          option routers;
>         kveton |          # the registration pool
>         kveton |          pool {
>         kveton |                  option domain-name-servers,;
>         kveton |                  range;
>         kveton |                  max-lease-time 300;
>         kveton |                  default-lease-time 300;
>         kveton |                  allow unknown clients;
>         kveton |          }
>         kveton |          #pool {
>         kveton |          #       range;
>         kveton |          #       deny known clients;
>         kveton |          #}
>         kveton |  }
>         kveton |  basically
>         kveton |  hmm
>         kveton |  well, this is sort of a toughy
>         kveton |  you'd have to define a range inside of a subnet that allows unregistered clients
>         kveton |  and then when you go to define a subnet
>         kveton |  you'd have to see if there are ranges that match that
>         kveton |  and then print out a 'pool' entry
>        philips | right.
>         kveton |  doesn't sound _that_ hard
>         kveton |  but its works
>        philips | I will add it as a feature request.  I am hesitant to add it in this release.
>         kveton |  yes
>         kveton |  good call

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