[Maintain] How to do reverse dns

Greg Connor gconnor at sgi.com
Wed Mar 30 08:49:53 PST 2005

Maintain folks,

I haven't seen a good explanation of how to set up in-addr.arpa zones.  Do I
just create the appropriate in-addr.arpas, and then when hosts get defined,
they will automatically associate themselves with the right reverse zones?
Each host belongs to a domain (which I assume to be the "forward" domain) but
there's no place to tell it which reverse domain it goes into.  Hopefully it
just does the right thing.  I'll be testing to see what actually happens if
the in-addr.arpas are in a different admin zone.

Speaking of reverses, does maintain support CNAME-type reverses, like you
would use to split up reverse dns into chunks that are not /16 or /24?
Example:  My home site looks like this: 7200 IN    CNAME 21600 IN PTR   neko-base.nekodojo.org. 21600 IN   NS      ns2.nekodojo.org. 21600 IN   NS      ns1.nekodojo.org.

How would I tell Maintain that the data should be placed into
d.0.c.b.a.in-addr.arpa instead of the standard

Greg Connor <gconnor at sgi.com>
Netops Services Group

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