[Maintain] Comments on INSTALL

Nathan Butcher xqufa at yokohama.riken.jp
Wed Mar 30 17:11:39 PST 2005

If you want to write some RedHat specific install scripts or documents, 
make your own page and add it to the wiki.

I tried using RHES 2.1 before but that gave me all sorts of installation 
errors. I haven't tried installing Maintain on RHES3 (but I have it 
here, so if I have time I might try it).
I think I may eventually roll out Maintain on FreeBSD (we have some 
blades here with RAID hardware which likes BSD, but hates Debian), and 
I'll post some docs for that as well when the time comes.

>That is extremely helpful.  It would be cool if someone could edit the
>Maintain homepage to point at that.  I was a little sad to see the notice
>"System Administration - There are no system administration documents" :<
>The only (minor) suggestion I might have would be to split out the
>Debian-specific stuff into its own page, and then someone else could
>contribute a Redhat-specific version.  The second half (explaining
>README.design a bit better) would be usable by either.

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