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Subject: Help For \'Maintain DHCP server\'
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Hi Clay,&nbsp; &nbsp; Iwant help for \'Maintain Server\'.I am using your \'Maintain server\'. You have added the information in this page. http://wiki.osuosl.org/display/Maintain/Maintain+Module+Search+Functions1) I want know that is there any&nbsp; functions in Maintain through i can manuplate database. Fetch data from database or insert database. and it&nbsp; also be directly effect in&nbsp; \'dhcpd.conf\'. That functions i can use as web service.2) Is there any&nbsp; way that without&nbsp; restart DHCP we well get&nbsp; effect change in&nbsp;  \'dhcpd.conf\' file.I am waiting for your replay please respond my mail.Thanks and RegardsSachin

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