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Nielson, Adam adam.nielson at hp.com
Mon Oct 1 17:16:36 UTC 2007

Ok, please pardon my complete ignorance and lack of understand; but I don't understand.

I followed your documentation at http://nsbuild.uwaterloo.ca/doc/newsubnet.html and why are you using the IP range to, yet when you create the subnet its

I have A.B.168.0 through A.B.171.255 completely for myself.  I put the IP range as this, but I cannot create a subnet.  I know my subnet mask is, but I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out what to put (after several failed attempts) in subnet.  I have even tried without VLANs, I have tried the range to be A.B.168.0 to A.B.168.255, and with/without VLANs, and still nothing.

Again please pardon my ignorance and complete lack of common sense, I am just recently assigned to DHCP administration, and obviously have a lot to learn.

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Nielson, Adam wrote:
> Great application guys, I got it all set up and working. (after
> hassles with SELinux)
> Now I have maintain up, I am able to create a IP Block. (say: x.y.a.10 through x.y.c.250) without issue.
> When I go to create a new subnet, I run into issues.
> If I try to make the subnet x.y.a.1, with a proper subnet, I get an error, "Subnet - You have specified a subnet inside of an IP block that has not been created or enabled yet"
> Ok, makes sense.
> However, if I try and create it as x.y.a.10, or x.y.a.11 or anything within the .10 to .250 range, I get, "Subnet - You have specified a subnet inside of an IP block that has not been created yet"
> What am I doing wrong?  I am making sure the IP block is enabled.  There is a workgroup up, I cannot create an IP Range until I have a subnet, I have a domain up, etc.

Think of an IP Block as a block of network addresses assigned by ARIN or the like.  Every Subnet you define should fit completely inside an IP Block, and every IP Range should fit completely inside a Subnet.

You may find the documentation I wrote when UW moved to Maintain 2.x of some value:  http://nsbuild.uwaterloo.ca/doc/.  There are some localisms (e.g. like some others, we changed a few field names to reflect what's important for us to track) and it doesn't cover differences in version 3, to which we can't upgrade until several of the current known bugs are fixed or have workarounds in place.

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