[Maintain] Instructions/how-to guide/detailed troubleshooting steps

Dawn Keenan dkeenan at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Oct 3 20:33:24 UTC 2007

Nielson, Adam wrote:
> I was just curious if anyone has any step-by-step instructions/how-to guide/troubleshooting procedures they can share or provide?
> I have read the official sites documentation at http://maintainproject.osuosl.org/documentation following the installation instructions to a "T" and reading the FAQ...
> I am still having the same issue when creating a subnet.

Did you follow the INSTALL document instructions (copy on the web at 
https://svn.osuosl.org/public/maintain-project/trunk/INSTALL) carefully?

> 6. First Network Setup
>     * See the general use documentation for more information *
>     1) Go to the Admin section and create a new IP Block for your
>        IP space.  Make sure it's enabled.

If the above is not done correctly, you won't be able to make much 
progress and would get error messages similar to the ones you have 

>     2) Create the first subnet within the bound of your IP Block.
>        Assign any DHCP options to this subnet (router & subnet mask)
>     3) Create a Master Domain. 
>     4) Edit the zone created during setup and add this new domain
>        as an allowed domain.
>     5) Create a new range that fits inside your subnet.
>     6) Assign this new range to your zone. 
>     You should now be able to create hosts in this zone and assign them to the
>     new range and domain. 

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