[Maintain] Instructions/how-to guide/detailed troubleshooting steps

Nielson, Adam adam.nielson at hp.com
Wed Oct 3 20:47:03 UTC 2007

Yes, I have also tried it several times.  Starting over again with no IP block at all.  Up to this point in installation I have had no issues or errors.

1) Login as admin
2) go to admin section
3) create a new IP Block. (A.B.168.0 to A.B.171.255)
4) Make sure the enabled box is checked.
5) It saves successfully.
6) I can even log out and log back in, go to list IP Blocks, see my block created and there, and see under status its Enabled.
7) Go to admin section.
8) Go to create subnet.
9)  Give it a unique name, random name, same name as IP Block, whatever.
10) Make subnet = A.B.168.0 (the same as the start of the IP Block)
11) Make netmask =
12) Try it with or without VLANs, it doesn't matter.

It always comes back as, "Subnet  You have specified a subnet inside of an IP block that has not been created yet".

According to the instructions and such, the modules shouldn't even need to be set up or anything yet, but I have set all those .cfgs up, I have made sure they are enabled, etc.

I am at a loss for what is wrong or what to do.  Is there anything I can do to further troubleshoot or resolve this?  Anything however basic or complex I may be overlooking or can investigate?

It makes no sense to me, and I really like the development and potential of Maintain, and would like to roll it out in a corporate, production environment.

Thank you for your help.

- Adam

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Nielson, Adam wrote:
> I was just curious if anyone has any step-by-step instructions/how-to guide/troubleshooting procedures they can share or provide?
> I have read the official sites documentation at http://maintainproject.osuosl.org/documentation following the installation instructions to a "T" and reading the FAQ...
> I am still having the same issue when creating a subnet.

Did you follow the INSTALL document instructions (copy on the web at
https://svn.osuosl.org/public/maintain-project/trunk/INSTALL) carefully?

> 6. First Network Setup
>     * See the general use documentation for more information *
>     1) Go to the Admin section and create a new IP Block for your
>        IP space.  Make sure it's enabled.

If the above is not done correctly, you won't be able to make much progress and would get error messages similar to the ones you have described.

>     2) Create the first subnet within the bound of your IP Block.
>        Assign any DHCP options to this subnet (router & subnet mask)
>     3) Create a Master Domain.
>     4) Edit the zone created during setup and add this new domain
>        as an allowed domain.
>     5) Create a new range that fits inside your subnet.
>     6) Assign this new range to your zone.
>     You should now be able to create hosts in this zone and assign them to the
>     new range and domain.

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