[Maintain] Error updating dhcp

Nielson, Adam adam.nielson at hp.com
Tue Oct 9 14:49:57 UTC 2007

If I run /opt/maintain-3.1.0/bin/build/check-dhcp I get:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function:  getmodulebyname() in /opt/maintain-3.1.0/bin/build/check-dhcp on line 48

Any ideas?

Build_dhcp shouldn't be a module I have to manually install and enable?  It's a backend module...

Also, since I am still having issues creating a subnet, why cant I manually edit the dhcpd.conf file and force maintain to read and utilize it?  I have maintain creating the /build/dhcpd.conf.data file, and a manual cron job copying it to /etc/dhcpd.conf...

Any suggestions on the check-dhcp issue or anything else?

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