[Maintain] Error updating dhcp

Nielson, Adam adam.nielson at hp.com
Wed Oct 10 16:18:26 UTC 2007

Thank you for the response Brad, I REALLY appreciate it!

If you could send me the patches that would be GREAT!

So, should the build_dhcp automatically run on its own?  I can leave it be and it will take care of it by itself?

I formally apologize to everyone for my harassment and nagging on this thread.  I have tried SO many times to get a subnet working, and all this time had the wrong netmask, even though I SWEAR I tried the "working" variation.....  For some reason, after I created your test and it worked, my necessary configuration now works....  I will chalk it up as my failure, although I swear I tried it before with no success.

Again thank you for the responses and support, if you can provide the above assistance its greatly appreciated.

- Adam

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On 10/9/07, Nielson, Adam <adam.nielson at hp.com> wrote:
> If I run /opt/maintain-3.1.0/bin/build/check-dhcp I get:
>  ./check-dhcp
> PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function:  getmodulebyname() in
> /opt/maintain-3.1.0/bin/build/check-dhcp on line 48
> Any ideas?

getmodulebyname() is a deprecated function that I guess someone forgot to fix the in check-dhcp and check-dns scripts. Because we had moved everything into modules we needed to go back and update these scripts.
I'll fix that up and push those changes out soon.

Unfortunately our nightly snapshots aren't pushing to our website at the moment and so I'll work on getting those back up. In the meantime feel free to pull down the newest version from SVN, or if you would like I can just send you the patches in the meantime.

> Build_dhcp shouldn't be a module I have to manually install and enable?  It's a backend module...

Yes and no. I suppose there is no reason that the modules can't be installed by default so they show up in the UI and whatnot. However these modules can't be enabled because they require a bit of configuration in order to work.

This should be better explained in the documentation for sure... I'll file a bug on this one.

> Also, since I am still having issues creating a subnet, why cant I manually edit the dhcpd.conf file and force maintain to read and utilize it?  I have maintain creating the /build/dhcpd.conf.data file, and a manual cron job copying it to /etc/dhcpd.conf...

Maintain builds all of the DHCP and DNS config files using the data out of it's database. In general, the idea is that you (or other
users) can configure and "maintain" everything pertaining to your network through Maintain's UI, and then automatically have it build DHCP and/or DNS config files and push them to your servers for you.

Currently Maintain can't work the other way, (ie Read in a config file and then allow you to change it or populate the database for you) although this would admittedly be sexy and useful. :)

Generally, in order for Maintain to work as intended, you have to do the following:
1) Install. You will create an admin user and your first zone in the install process.
2) Go to the "Admin" link on the left side.
3) Create an IP Block. For testing purposes just make one from to
4) Go back to the "Admin" page, and then create a subnet. Make the subnet and the netmask This then will create a subnet with the address space -
5) If this doesn't work, then you've found a bug and we can start to debug that. But I suspect that you might have just been setting your netmask incorrectly. (For example, if you specified the IP Block -, and then tried setting the subnet at with a netmask of, Maintain would complain as the netmask specified actually contains addresses outside of the IP block, namely, which is a no-no.)

Give that test a try and if you are still having problems hit up the list again and we will get it taken care of.

> Any suggestions on the check-dhcp issue or anything else?

If you are having any problems at all just let us know or feel free to file bug reports at http://bugs.osuosl.org .

Brad Morgan
Maintain Developer
(503) 740-7192

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