[Maintain] Error updating dhcp

Nielson, Adam adam.nielson at hp.com
Thu Oct 11 18:24:06 UTC 2007

Ok, thank you for the information.

...So, the backend modules don't appear to be running.  I have set up the build_dhcp config file, I just put the local system name in to connect to, etc, and I put the "all" script as a cron job.  However, does the "all" script need fixed like the check_dhcp and check_dns in the same folder that's having issues for me?  As it isnt updating the dhcpd.conf.data file in the build directory and thus not updating my /etc/dhcpd.conf.

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Brad Morgan wrote:
> Yes and no. I suppose there is no reason that the modules can't be
> installed by default so they show up in the UI and whatnot. However
> these modules can't be enabled because they require a bit of
> configuration in order to work.
I believe the reason they are not installed by default is because they are backend modules, but not core modules.  This means that anyone who is using Maintain may not necessarily want to use it for dhcp or dns (though I don't really know why you wouldn't want to at this point).  In theory, you should be able to chose the backend modules you want to use, and when there is a case in which there are multiple modules to chose from (ie a djb module and a bind module for dns) you won't want one installed by default because there are multiple modules to chose from.

Really, I think it should be alright to have the default dns and dhcp modules installed by default; then we could make it necessary for them to be enabled (and they would show up in the UI).  Then the user could chose to enable it if they would like, or they could install an alternate backend module and they would be able to enable that one instead.  This would allow easier use in the default case; however, this also means that if you don't want the default modules around and you want exclusively your custom/alternate modules installed, you would have to uninstall the modules that are installed by default.

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