[Maintain] PHP 5 Compatibility

Fox, Sam P spfox at bendbroadband.net
Tue Oct 30 23:30:53 UTC 2007

Thanks for the quick reply, Kevin!

"build_dns successfully installed" -  I'm getting emails saying the
config file is not readable from Maintain-  I'll play around with that.
In an unrelated matter, we get the same warning 3 times at the top of
the Maintain page when it loads:

Warning: PHP5 set/get calls should match the case of the variable in
/home/apache/htdocs/maintain/lib/php/pear/share/php/DB/DataObject.php on
line 3623

I don't think these are too serious- just curious if anyone had some
insight into getting rid of them (besides disabling warnings...)


Sam Fox

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	I've been running the Maintain 3 development trunk on PHP5 for a
while now.
If you've got the DNS module added (in bin, do './modules.php --install
build_dns'), calling the
cron module (also in the bin directory) will actually do the build.
Running the module
directly will produce this issue, as the module is a class that requires
the rest of the maintain
framework to function.

Fox, Sam P wrote:
> Hello crew,
> We have PHP 5 on our machine that I'm trying to run maintain from.
> Maintain install went okay and I'm able to browse the site, but I'm
> getting nothing but errors when I try to add the DNS module by running
> build_dns.php.  Here's the error I get:
> Warning: require_once(MODDIR/module.php): failed to open stream: No
> file or directory in
> /home/apache/htdocs/maintain/modules/build_dns/build_dns.php on line
> Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required
> (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in
> /home/apache/htdocs/maintain/modules/build_dns/build_dns.php on line
> I'm trying to figure out if this is a PHP 5 incompatibility problem or
> if something else is amiss.  Is anyone running Maintain 3.0 with PHP
> Thanks,
> Sam Fox
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