[Maintain] third party build_bind module

Fox, Sam P spfox at bendbroadband.net
Thu Jan 3 20:17:11 UTC 2008

Greetings Dawn and Maintain crew!

I'm trying to use this module to import some DNS zones from our bind
server.  The module appears as an option on the maintain page and I'm
able to input the domain name and DNS server IP address.  However, when
I click submit I get a blank page with a URL of
http://www.ourmaintainserver.com/maintain/mod_page.php.  Is there a log
or some way that I can troubleshoot why the module isn't importing
anything.  Also, I have a large list of domains I'd like to import.  Can
I invoke this module from the command line and point it at a file of
domains to import?

Thanks and Happy New Year!!

-Sam Fox

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Since UW is too set in our ways to run djbdns and we have a few 
historical quirks in the way our DNS is managed, I have put together a 
local build_bind module and made it available at 

Unless I decide to punt and use our local serial number management 
(every domain has an associated serial number which is explicit in BIND 
but only implied with djbdns), the module [will get to the point where 
it effectively] uses an additional 'serial' field in the 'soa' table to 
track serial numbers.  This requires a database schema change as well as

patches to the base Maintain code.

The module isn't ready for production use, but it's well enough formed 
that it seems fair to let a broader audience have a look at it.  I'm 
particularly interested in problem reports and suggestions.

Dawn Keenan
Information Systems and Technology, University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON
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