[Maintain] Small Update

Brad Morgan morgabra at osuosl.org
Wed Jan 16 19:19:06 UTC 2008

I've updated the website with a new demo and the new 3.1 release tarball is
up. Anyone running less than Maintain 3.1 should seriously consider updating
as there are a lot of new features and PHP5 support. Feel free to check out
the demo at maintaindemo.osuosl.org.

Also, I've been hacking on the build_bind module that I've ninja'd from Dawn
Keenan, a regular poster on this list. I've been abstracting it out a bit
and adding some options and missing features (serial numbers and whatnot) in
order to generalize it for the masses. In the end this will come down to a
single config option that will let you pick between building BIND and/or
TinyDNS natively as opposed to building TinyDNS and zone transferring to a
BIND server. (Which seems to be what most people do)

So special thanks to Dawn for the huge head start on this module and I
should have it wrapped up soon.

Brad Morgan
(503) 740-7192
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