[Maintain] Importing rDNS pointers

Kevin Purdy purdyk at net.oregonstate.edu
Wed Jul 30 18:03:08 UTC 2008

The bind module will automatically build reverse pointers for all static hosts, and will additionally print out reverse pointers in the db.
The tiny module does not build reverse pointers as far as I know.  I'll have a look at the import script and see about fixing the pointesrs issue.

Fox, Sam P wrote:
> Hello Kevin,
> Thanks for the prompt reply! 
> We're using $GENERATE 1-254 $       PTR
> xxx-xxx-xxx-$.bendbroadband.com. to generate rDNS for our dynamic zones.
> However, we have a lot of static zones and need to update rDNS for hosts
> such as mailservers etc.  
> We're looking at using tinyDNS with Maintain, but our import using the
> Import BIND module didn't import any of our pointers.  At OSU, do you
> have to add a host and then add the pointer or did you automate it
> somehow?  When I worked there, we were still editing zone files manually
> :)
> Thanks!
> Sam Fox
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> Sam, there is a configuration directive (for bind) that enables the
> building of rDNS pointers for hosts.
> As for the tinyDNS build, reverse pointers are printed from the database
> only.
> Fox, Sam P wrote:
>> Also regarding reverse DNS:  Does Maintain automatically update rDNS
>> pointers when a host is added?  From our testing, it appears that
>> reverse pointers are not created or updated when creating or updating
> a
>> host. -SF
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>> Has anyone found an easy way to import reverse dns zones?  People have
>> mentioned using zone transfers to import data into tinydns.  However,
> I
>> don't understand how this will in turn import anything into our
> maintain
>> mysql db.  
>> Thanks!
>> Sam Fox
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