[Maintain] Import dhcpd.conf file?

Ó Luasa, Conchubhar - Computer Technician Conchubhar.OLuasa at ittdublin.ie
Wed Nov 12 16:41:08 UTC 2008

Hi All,


Just installed Maintain 3.1.1 for testing before use with our DHCP servers. We use fixed addresses in our DHCP so that we can track IP Addresses to MACs, so our dhcpd.conf has hundreds of entries in it. I would like to avoid typing all the info into Maintain if possible. Does anyone know a module or script that would import the hosts info into maintain? I can create the VLANS and subnets and so on myself.


Also on the Maintian website the Modules page is empty. Is this by design? http://maintainproject.osuosl.org/project


Any help is appreciated. I think I may just be able to scrape enough scripting skills together to put hosts into the database, but I wouldn't be confident!


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