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Lance Albertson lance at osuosl.org
Thu Jul 27 17:17:26 UTC 2017

Thank you all who have sent responses to this survey. If you haven't filled
out the survey yet, I please encourage you to do so soon. I will start
reaching out to projects directly whom haven't responded in a few weeks.


On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 10:28 AM, Lance Albertson <lance at osuosl.org> wrote:

> All,
> Thank you all for using the OpenPOWER development resources we have at the
> OSL. We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to provide some
> feedback on your experience by filling out this form [1].  We will share
> the aggregate responses with all survey participants. We highly encourage
> participation from each project listed on our website [2] to ensure we know
> how the resources are being utilized.
> Input from this survey will help guide OSU and IBM to make decisions on
> improving current and providing new resources along with assisting with
> funding decisions. If we don't hear back from your project within 30 days,
> we may reach out directly to ensure our contact information is updated and
> that your project is still actively using the resources. We may do a
> similar survey on an annual or semi-annual basis depending on our needs.
> Thank you!
> [1] https://goo.gl/forms/iBTsGUkeUtWCPCO72
> [2] https://osuosl.org/services/powerdev/current-projects/
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> Lance Albertson
> Director
> Oregon State University | Open Source Lab

Lance Albertson
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