[Chronozoom] Mailing list downtime

Eric Schultz eschultz at outercurve.org
Thu Apr 24 16:21:51 UTC 2014


Today I'll be moving our mailing lists to our friends at the Open Source
Lab at Oregon State University. OSL provides web hosting, mailing list and
technology support to a number of different open source foundations and
projects including Apache Foundation, a number of Linux distributions
(Debian, Fedora, CentOS), Python Software Foundation and a bunch of others (
http://osuosl.org/communities). Not only do they have tons of expertise in
this space but they also will have administrators to maintain the system
around the clock.

I will be moving our mailing list configurations and archives starting at
11 AM PT today. For a few hours, sent messages to the mailing lists might
disappear, bounce or not be archived. I'll send out a message when the
transfer is complete.

Since our mailing lists are pretty low traffic I don't think this will be
much of an issue but I wanted to make sure everyone knew.

Thanks for your patience and all the work you do!


Eric Schultz, Developer Advocate, Outercurve Foundation
eschultz at outercurve.org
cell: 920-539-0404
skype: ericschultzwi
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