[Outercurve Project Leaders] Voting website

Roland Saekow saekow at berkeley.edu
Mon Dec 9 16:30:53 UTC 2013

Hi all,

We have an issue on the ChronoZoom project that requires an official vote.
We are trying to decide who to give certain server administration
credentials to.

Originally we used SimplyVoting.com which has a free plan, but now we have
more members than the free plan allows. It gets very expensive after the
free plan (goes up to $200).

We wanted to use a website like SimplyVoting so that the votes would be
anonymous and official.

Does anyone know a website similar to SimplyVoting that would provide for
secure voting where the person setting up the vote cannot know who voted
for what?

Ideally, the website would be free for up to 15 people.

Thank you,
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